Fireplaces are known for their timeless beauty and the ability to add character to every home. It is important however to have it installed by a certified HVAC contractor. Let’s not forget that classic fireplaces commonly found in our homes use natural gas and electricity to operate. This requires a certified gasfitter to ensure a safe installation and operation.

Our certified staff works with all kinds of gas burning fireplaces available on the Canadian market today. We install a variety of fireplaces and this includes modern fireplaces that are installed above the floor and also classic fireplaces that rest on the floor. We know them all. If you need a fireplace installation service in Mississauga, contact us for quality work and competitive pricing.


Did you know?

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Gas fireplaces can add a lot of charm to classic homes or they bring out the feeling of luxury in modern living spaces. Whatever the case, if something goes wrong with such equipment, it is important to have it fixed as soon as possible. It is due to the fact that fireplaces operate using natural gas. When such a gas fireplace repair is required make sure to call our certified technicians.

One way to avoid gas fireplace unexpected breakdowns is to have them inspected periodically. To ensure everyone's safety our technicians thoroughly inspect all the electrical components and the pilot burner. This way we can detect and prevent costly fixes and also make sure your home complies with all the safety standards.