We are certified gas line installation company in Mississauga. Our technicians are known for their high-quality work which is also always performed with safety in mind. We perform every gas line installation, and upgrade according to CSA and TSSA requirements. Also, our gas pipefitters make sure that their qualifications are always up to date.

We work with home owners and builders alike. Our technicians perform gas line installation in new homes and as well they upgrade existing gas lines in homes during renovations. We are equally experienced in both types of settings. Contact us with your gas line installation requirements. We will be happy to offer quality work and competitive pricing.


Did you know?

54% of home energy costs are related to heating and cooling equipment.


A gas line repair or upgrade is often required when a house undergoes renovations or installation of new gas-powered appliances. This type of work requires a gasfitter license and thorough knowledge of CSA and TSSA requirements. Contact us for high quality gas line upgrades and repairs. We take pride in doing our work right the first time.

Our staff tackles many different gas line installations on a daily basis. This includes a barbecue gas line installation, water heaters and furnaces. You can always trust our experience. We worked with many home builders and renovators and always completing our projects on time and in accordance with the building code. Call us for a free no-obligation quote.